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Mar 7, 2014. POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER Thesis Statement Post-traumatic stress disorder experienced by sexually abused children could have long term effects in their occupational, social and over-all lifestyle. Background of the study. History Symptoms of PTSD in abuses children. The research papers. Oct 1, 2014. It is critical to understand what is causing the tension it is coming from stress, memory loss, lack of concentration or another possible symptom of PTSD? Coworkers should all receive some form of training on disability awareness to help them make the best decisions in a potentially uncomfortable situation. What must be done to break the trend of war veterans suffering from PTSD Conclusion Thesis Statement. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. or pioneered a good. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder General Purpose To Inform Specific Purpose To inform the audience about PTSD Thesis Statement We hear about it in the news, papers. HOW MANY HOMELESS VETERANS ARE AFFECTED BY PTSD?17. Thesis Statement Although homeless veterans as a group are similar in many ways to other homeless people,.

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