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May 13, 2016. What the data say India faces bigger threats from Jihad and Maoism. Sep 21, 2017. With the largest Communist guerrilla army in the world the FARC of Colombia handing over its guns to the United Nations on June 27 this year and preparing to contest elections in the coming month, a curtain has been drawn on the once ubiquitous phenomenon of Marxist insurgencies.. ThEMATic EssAys only vague definitions in the CPA of processes by which the Interim Government would address their future the integration and rehabilitation of Maoist combatants and the democratization of the Nep- alese Army. We would have preferred to include technical assistance to resolving these security. Nov 26, 2017. In 1997, a year after the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) (CPN-M) launched their insurgency against the monarchy, new local district and village councils took office. Their terms of office ended in 2002, but no new elections were planned, nor were the incumbents mandates extended. The escalating.

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