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apprentice fitter, sprinkler systems apprentice pipefitter apprentice pipefitter-steamfitter apprentice sprinkler system fitter apprentice steamfitter fire prevention and automatic suppression systems installer fire protection mechanic fire protection piping installer fire sprinkler fitter fitter, sprinkler system installer, fire. Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter, Jobs - trade jobs such as welding jobs, heavy equipment operator jobs, and carpenter jobs to a worldwide audience from Skilled Workers. Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter. Inspected sprinkler systems throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. journeyman resumes. writers hire network Fire sprinkler fitters install, test and repair piping systems terminated with sprinklers found in the ceilings of various industrial, commercial buildings as well as in garden lawns of homes and parks. These sprinklers are meant to prevent potential fire and are of the wet or dry type, foam, chemical or other types. Fire Sprinkler. Licensed Journeyman and 3rd year Apprentices (MA or RI). Send resume to Sharron Furtado sfPipingSystemsInc.com.

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