A Review of the Research Literature on Evidence-Based

Literature Review On Ebd

On 06.03.2018

of success in school remains a problem for administrators, teachers, parents, and the students themselves. By definition, students with EBD display emotional and behavioral problems that affect their educational performance (Hodge, Riccomini, Buford, Herbst, 2006). This literature review examines the current knowledge. We also use literature reviews to see what is not known about a problem or issue, so we can identify gaps in the research that need to be explored. 2. Whats in a literature review? Three areas that you need to know about include Who can write my essay An International Literature Review. Daniel J. Gulchak. Arizona btate University. Joo A. Lopes. University ot Minho, Portugal. ABSTRACT Students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) are found internationally. This systematic literature review identifies interventions conducted on these students. Although the U.S.. This research reviews existing literature in social skills training interventions and the aspects of these that are most effective for students with EBD.

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