Sample Resumes for the Biology Major

Major And Minor Degree On Resume

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For job applicants just finishing degrees, the education section of the resume is crucial. Independent Study Tutoring Practicum, Writing Center Materials and Research. Major and Minor Courses Research Writing, Creative Writing, Advanced Expository Writing. Two Bachelor Degrees from same institution. 6. Transfer students with Associate degree. 7. Transfer students with some college hours. Additional Content for Education Section. 1. Self-financing or contributing to education. 2. Research, Independent Study, Study Abroad, etc. Suggested Template. Degree, Major (no. Include major academic degrees or certifications on your resume. If youve earned a double academic major in college, youre probably proud of that accomplishment and want to include it on your resume. preggersaspie.com Although defined broadly, a college minor is basically a set of courses that a student takes to complement or somehow enhance the value of his or her major.. Theres no doubt that declaring a college minor can enhance your resume and make you a more marketable job candidate once you begin applying for positions. Even if your major or degree pursuit does. Looks Great on a Resume.. While you should be passionate about your major, your minor will provide you with the.

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Sample Resumes for the Biology Major

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Major And Minor Degree On Resume

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In addition to my advice in Listing Education on Your Resume, here are some tips for putting your bachelors degree on your resume. You can spell out your degree (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science) or use initials (BA or BS). If you spell it out, you can add your major using a preposition like this Bachelor of Arts in.

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