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Define essayist. essayist synonyms, essayist pronunciation, essayist translation, English dictionary definition of essayist. n. A writer of essays. n a person who writes essays n. a writer of essays. Noun 1. essayist - a writer of literary works litterateur author, writer - writes. Shop our inventory for Videnskab og mystik og andre essays (Norske essayister) (Norwegian Edition) by Sigurd Ibsen with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock! The latest Tweets from K Q Duane, Essayist (kqduane). Conservative Blogger, Anti-feminist, Anti-Democrat, Pro-life, Disciple of Christ, MAGA, 2A Osbornes on Ruskins Unto This Last (1862), which the essayist himself had designated in his sub-title as A Reconsideration (Winter 1992). A prefatory note. To claim an equal degree of feb 2009. Aasmund Brynildsen, fdt p Tjme, norsk forfatter, frst og fremst essayist. I redaksjonen for tidsskriftet Spektrum 195054. Skrev bl.a. Der er en kilde (1945), Dommen til dden (1946), Det nye hjerte (1960), Lyset og iet (1962), Fornuft og Besettelse (1963). Diktsamlingen Hvem vker kom 1968,.

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Niels Christian Ursin Brgger (4 June 1914 1966) was a Norwegian essayist, novelist, journalist and critic. Niels Christian Brgger (1954). He was born in Kristiania as a son of Anton Wilhelm Brgger (18841951) and Inger Ursin (18821941). He was a great-grandson of the book printer Anton Wilhelm Brgger,.

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