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Gallery of Action Words For Resume. There are a number of resume formats you can use, so make sure the format you choose best illustrates your skills and accomplishments. Sometimes we see resumes use words like handled when describing an action. Usually you can use a stronger more compelling verb. However, it is often difficult to think of good verbs. Sometimes, you can get stuck using the same verb such as multiple times when it is better to mix up statements with other similar verbs. You might think you have an awesome resume, but I bet its missing some very important pieceslike powerful action words. A resume thats chock-full of phrases like responsible for, participated in, or contributed to isnt the worst thing on earth, but it doesnt say what you actually did in your job. So take that same resume. http://morgansmithagency.com/review-of-dissertation-writing-services_tw.php Dec 12, 2014. There are certain words and phrases that can kill the resumes of even the most experienced collegiettes.. If you describe a job by saying you were responsible for something, an employer isnt going to immediately pick up on the skills you acquired at that position. We assume you were responsible for. Does your resume use the same verbs and phrases over and over? Common examples include responsibility, experience, efficient, knowledge and.

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