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Singular and Plural. Singular means one. Plural means more than one. Non-count nouns can, by definition, not be counted. Therefore, they can be neither singular nor plural. Only count nouns can be singular or plural. For example, consider the count noun course. It can be singular as in My roommate has taken a physics. hovercraftacademy.com data as a plural is considered overly formal. Thus, in non-academic settings, saying data is would be more conventional than data are. This all makes it very important to check your universitys style guide before setting to work on an essay, as they may have specific requirements regarding how the word data is used. Well, it is a verb, and it cant be plural all by itself, but if you mean the verb for a plural subject, then it would be the word were. I was, you were, we were.

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Advice and exercises on how to avoid mistakes with singular and plural agreement.. The suggestion is that if you avoid just writing one word at a time but use complete phrases, you will just make fewer mistakes of this type. Correct the mistake you. Know the problem go through some of your old essays. Do you make.

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