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Resume 2018. Home. perfusionist job. Assistant Perfusionist Surgical Technologist Jobs In Karachi. XClose. Previous. Perfusionist Resume Form. Perfusionists and Perfusion Students, upload your resumes here and we will post them on the site for potential employment opportunities. Name. First Last. Phone. Address. Street Address Address Line 2. City. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware. Resume Templates 2018. Home. Perfusionist Job. Perfusionist Job. Career Spotlight Nestor Megano Cardiovascular. May 13, 2013. At least 2-3 years clinical experience is preferred. ABCP certification and CT license required. If interested please contact Human Resources at www.stfranciscare.org or call 860-714-4000 login to unmask email Chief Perfusionist. William Leahy CCP Chief Perfusionist CV Perfusion, Hoffman Heart Institute Chicago, Illinois. Certificate in Clinical Perfusion. National College of Education. 1987-1988. Evanston, Illinois. Major Allied Health Management Education. Degree Earned Bachelor of Arts. Current Position Director and Chief of Perfusion. 2016 present. Rush University Medical Center. Acting Chief Perfusionist. 2015 -.

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Hospital-based clinical training session PR 514, Special Topics in Cardiovascular Perfusion, 2. PR 600, Clinical Practicum I, 5. Credits, 7. Fall Semester. PR 520, Research Methods in Cardiovascular Perfusion, 2. PR 602, Clinical Practicum II, 5. Credits, 7. Spring Semester. PR 522, Research Methods in CV Perfusion II, 2. PA Perfusion License PRF000275TN Perfusion License CP169. Perfusionist Resume Form. Perfusionists and Perfusion Students, upload your resumes here and we will post them on the site for potential employment opportunities.

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