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American operatic soprano Laura Wilde. Resume LYDIA BEASLEY, soprano. Singer of opera, classical art song, lieder, oratorio, and other concert music with orchestra. The sample resume, repertoire list and cover letter included on this page were created by OPERA America staff utilizing the compiled advice of hundreds of professionals from the opera field. While these samples represent recommended standards from the field, remember that there is more than one way to create an. Dec 18, 2009. Her biography said Daniels, who started at BU in 1989 as an artist in residence, sang principal soprano at two respected international venues - the Netherlands Opera and the Edinburgh Festival. But representatives at the Netherlands Opera, upon checking their archives dating back to 1965, said Daniels. Described as vocally resplendent, powerful, and possessing impeccable coloratura (San Francisco Chronicle), soprano. Alisa Jordheim is praised for her compelling and vocally assured performances in opera, oratorio, musical theatre, both early and new music, and recital. Miss Jordheims recent portrayal of Soeur.

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Resumes SHANNON CARSON (AEA, AGMA) Voice Mezzo-Soprano Range Low E High C THEATER. Click here to read Shannons Opera resume. Rsum. Opera Roles. Papagena. Die Zauberflte. Soprano Soloist. BWV 51 with the Bloomington Bach Cantata Project - Stanley Ritchie, conductor. Amelia Farrugia - Curriculum Vitae. As a winner of the Metropolitan Opera National Council. George Palmer The Six Days of Creation Soprano solo 2012 The Opera.

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