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Feb 15, 2012. Simple Gift Notes Caitlin. - Caitlin and Mopping, reveals Billy and Caitlins instant connection. Caitlin is admiring of his calmness, repeated throughout the poem. She shows understanding of Billy when acknowledging he stood there almost daring me to get the manager, just as billy had thought. instead,. The Simple gift is a novel that he writes in a poetic form, he makes seem like it is a poem but it also has the same effect as reading a novel.. Conclusion. Old Bill lives like a hobo even though he has a house. He is the one who helps Billy at the end of the novel. Old Bill drinks a lot of alcohol and smokes every now and then. Transcript of THE SIMPLE GIFT. The Simple Gift is a free-verse novel depicting the transformative life journey of sixteen year old Billy Luckett.. Essay Writing. Another analysis of the concept of belonging A feeling. These aspects of belonging are explored in a variety of texts, such as the free verse novel, The Simple Gift, written by Steven Herrick. The song. The main characters in The Simple Gift and Only Ten both feel that they do not belong at the beginning of the story.

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