Why Do Pupils Not Do Homework

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Home Opinions Education Should students have homework? Add a. I did however just hear a report that homework does not have an effect on whether or not a. Homework should be banned. Written by. look to the independent sector where school days are extended so that pupils do their homework before they leave school. renzresearch.com Begin with short homework tasks. Make sure that any detention policy is very consistently applied and explained to the pupil, using a social story if necessary. If at all possible, avoid using detentions as these are unlikely to motivate the pupil, who is probably failing to do homework for different reasons to most pupils. Oct 31, 2016. SHOCKING footage has emerged of a furious teacher lining her pupils up outside their classroom and kicking each of them in the backside for not doing their homework. The incident happened at the Dufuchuan Elementary School, after 10 students admitted to their Chinese-language teacher that they had. Report Abuse Home Opinion School College Should Students Get Less Homework Should. (As Homework Grows, So Do Arguments Against It,.

Should Students Get Less Homework

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