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How to write a resolution for the Model United Nations. Use this How To article to discover how to write and format the perfect clause for a Model UN draft resolution. Model UN Preparation. The final results of discussion, writing and negotiation are resolutionswritten suggestions for addressing a specific problem or issue. Resolutions, which are drafted by delegates and voted on by the committee, normally require a simple majority to pass (except in the Security Council). Only Security. Buy writing set I. What is a resolution? Before an MUN Conference, you write one or two draft resolutions. The issues of the resolutions can be found in the agenda of the conference. With a draft resolution in your hand, you will participate actively during the debates. A resolution is initially a formal statement of a proposal to a UN Council,. MUN Made Easy Resolution Writing. by Amanda Lee on February 3, 2016. Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.38.57 PM. Preambular Clauses What are we trying to solve and why? When delegates spend hours upon hours trying to solve a major problem of the world, numerous subtopics will be discussed. For example, the. Feb 1, 2018. For most delegates, this stall in progress comes when it is time to start writing resolution papers. Resolutions can be tricky, sound awkward, and pose an extreme difficulty to draft in the turbulent environment of Model UN. If youre one of those delegates that struggles when it comes time to write LISTEN UP.

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